WE ARE ADDRESSING YOU IN ORDER TO PRESENT OUR COMPANY LAB INTERACTIVOS S.A.S, BEING A  COMPANY specialist since 2012 in the innovation of creative and effective solutions for software, web and games development. Within the web and application development portfolio, Lab Interactivos offers tailored solutions for the design, development and publication of a wide variety of solutions that involve web projects or mobile applications for Android and iOS.



For frontend developments we have developers in HTML 5 and JavaScript with the possibility of using frameworks such as Angular and React, complementing it with development of content managers and backend solutions under the languages of PHP, Python and .net, this allows us to generate Web pages and applications for different needs ranging from a page with animated information to document processing systems, inventory, transactions, ECommerce or Costumer Relation Management.

In the development of mobile applications we have the capacity of native development for Android and iOS or multiplatform languages such as Iconic and Air. With the ability to connect this to backend systems developed in web environments, making it easier for us to generate solutions tailored to the needs of the application you need, taking advantage of all the capacity of modern devices.

In the interactive lab we have the team to help develop your games in the different stages that this entails, with a team made up of game designers, HUD and user experience designers, level designers, programmers in different game engines such as such as Unreal, Unity, Phaser, Native JavaScript, and Air. Also in the development of graphics, animation and setting with 2D and 3D animators.

Augmented reality services in the Interactive Lab allow it to be developed with the detection of markers or images, surface detection, object detection by GPS positioning, by compass positioning, and we offer support and production of 3D models, animations, programming and publication in stores for augmented reality as a native application. For the web we offer augmented reality with marker and surfaces, under the limitations of the browsers and the user’s devices.

We offer solutions for virtual reality in 360 videos, architectural samples and games. For HTC, Oculus and Cardboard platforms. Offering from modeling, 360 video shooting, interaction design and programming.





As part of Lab Interactivos’ portfolio of comprehensive solutions, the company has developed a catalog of low-cost, fast-implementation mini-games designed for the advertising market but applicable to other environments such as Gamification or as support for recreational activities. These minigames are available for Windows, iOS and Android platforms, the cost includes updating the look of the graphics and the right to use the game license for a period of 6 months.


We were pioneers in the development of interactive structures that mix digital content with similar actions for the advertising market in Colombia; In these more than six years of experience we have developed a range of low-cost solutions in applications such as Sampling Machines, Games with mechanical actions that interact with digital environments and virtual environments, control systems for score measurements in physical activities oriented to the gaming market , and unusual user interfaces applied to different activities. Our extensive experience allows us the rapid development of tailored solutions in the fields of electromechanics, electronics and robotics, in the link below you can see in video some of the projects developed by our team in the area of interactive structure.







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